FIWC 2020


FIWC Congress

Deadline for entries: 1. June 2022
8. 7. 2022 (Friday)

10:00 - 12:00     Judging seminar for judges, breeders and breed enthusiasts

Olaf Knauber (DE) - Breed type and its diversity
Jocely Gagné (CA) - Standard, List of points on order of Merit
Frédéric Maison (FR) - Judging young, maturing wolfhounds

12:00 - 14:00     Lunch break

14:00 - 18:00     FIWC Congress

MVDr. Andrea Nečasová (CZ) - Portosystemic shunts
MVDr. Zbyněk Lonský (CZ) - Mandibula Angusta (narrow underjaw)
Maura Lyons, PhD. (UK) - Irish Wolfhounds Health Group - new projects
Per Arne Flatberg (NO) - IWDB
     - Worldwide Irish Wolfhound population of today
     - Surprising facts from Irish Wolfhound history
     - Breed management tools
     - New tools for your breeding program
     - Plus some exciting news from the IWDB team
Pernille Monberg, mag. scient. (DK) - Neonatal care

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